Advanced technology and the Spirit of Anticipating the Future

At SHOEI CO., LTD., we work under a management policy of “Contribution to the society through MONOZUKURI.” We believe it is our mission to deliver products that contribute to enriching people’s lives, from Japan to the world. We have achieved significant growth as a comprehensive touch panel manufacturer focusing on automotive products. I am convinced that this achievement reflects the high marks our customers have given our MONOZUKURI (manufacturing), in which we are two years ahead of the times in terms of technology, and our HITOZUKURI (human resource development), which we approach with a vision looking five to ten years ahead.

The touch panel, as an intuitive and user-friendly interface, is set to evolve further into a smarter, more comfortable input device, just as the capacitive touch panel enabled the emergence of smartphones. We have continued to engage in aggressive investment activities to cater to increasingly diversified and sophisticated customer needs. These activities include the establishment of sales bases and facilities for providing technological support in the United States and Germany, the establishment of a joint venture in resin molding, acquisition of a company manufacturing products fabricated with vacuum coating as our subsidiary, and construction of Isesaki Factory.

Our principal markets, the automotive and automotive parts markets, are facing an era of revolutionary change of a kind said to take place once in a hundred years, such as the spread of electric vehicles, automated driving, and connected cars.

We view this time of change as an excellent opportunity, and in this environment seek to retain sound risk awareness, and take on challenges aggressively and bravely by remembering the spirit of anticipating the future.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Satoru HorikawaPresident and CEO