RHYTHM SHOEI CO., LTD. was founded in July 2023 as a subsidiary of RHYTHM CO., LTD., having originated from the making of clocks and manufacturing equipment, is now focusing on precision molding and parts manufacturing related to automobiles, machine tools, and optical equipment. This new firm is the successor of SHOEI CO., LTD.

RHYTHM SHOEI inherited from the original SHOEI CO., LTD., a management policy of “Contribution to the society through MONOZUKURI,” , as well as a Mission and Corporate Motto ”We are providing two years ahead of technology standard now” RHYTHM CO., LTD. has embarked on a journey towards realizing its long-term vision.

Currently the automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation, in respond to the trend of accelerated decarbonization and the flow of technological innovation, With “cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking mind”, we will be aggressively and boldly challenge and develop of new products for new markets, such as advanced driver assistance systems and it’s connected function-related products, committing to achieving medium- to long-term, sustainable growth by the synergy of its manufacturing capabilities with those of the RHYTHM Group.

We are committed to “Contribution to the society through MONOZUKURI,” to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders and look forward to your continued guidance and support.

President and CEO Tsutomu Kimura