Charter of Corporate Code

As a member of society, the RHYTHM SHOEI seeks to cultivate mutual understanding and a relationship built on trust with all of its stakeholders including customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, and local communities, while practicing its policy of “Contribution to the society through MONOZUKURI (Japanese manufacturing).”
To achieve this, we adhere to the following eight principles in our activities both in Japan and overseas. In doing so, we respect human rights, comply with relevant laws, regulations, and international rules both in substance and spirit, and fulfill our responsibilities to society with a strong sense of ethics to advance the creation of a sustainable society.

1. Earning Customer Satisfaction and Trust

By practicing a customer-first approach, we deliver high-quality, safety-minded products and services that are useful to society as a whole and earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

2. Fair and Proper Business Activities

We fully embrace fair, transparent, and free competition, and engage in legitimate trade. Regardless of the country or region, we comply with relevant laws, regulations, and our own internal rules while acting based on a strong sense of ethics and morality.

3. Highly Transparent Corporate Activities

We make a point of disclosing corporate information to all stakeholders in a timely and appropriate fashion. We also thoroughly ensure the proper protection and management of various types of information, including personal information and the information of our customers.

4. Proactive Environmental Initiatives

Preservation of the environment is one of the most pressing issues for the entire world. We shall act considerately in order to preserve a healthy environment in every facet of our business activities.

5. Harmony with Regional Areas and Communities

To address the globalization of our business activities, we practice management that takes into account both the interests of stakeholders as well as the cultures and customers of each country and region in which we do business while contributing to the development of their economies and societies.

6. Social Contribution Activities

We actively engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.

7. Respect for Human Rights

We adhere to basic rules on human rights established by the international community, including the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and continually respect human rights including efforts to eradicate unfair discrimination, child labor, forced labor, and so on.

8. Respect for Employees

We respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of every employee, ensure a safe and comfortable work environment, and promote the development of a bright workplace with a positive atmosphere.