Product Configuration

Head-Up Display (vapor-deposited with different kinds of mirrors)
Cold Mirror

Product Characteristics

  1. Vapor deposition of different types of mirrors used in head-up displays with the use of vacuum deposition technology for forming thin Derivative Multilayer Film*
  2. An extensive lineup of derivative multilayer films

* [Derivative Multilayer Film]: Thin Film Coating
Among metal oxides and other dielectric substances, those with a high level of transparency are widely used as materials for optical thin films.
A derivative multilayer film is produced by laminating two or more different thin films, and this represents our core technology which provides a range of optical performances.

Product Description

A head-up display is a type of device which displays various driving-related information layered upon the background of the windshield, etc. of vehicles.
In recent years, an increasing number of luxury vehicles have been equipped with this device.

Product Configuration