Product Configuration

Infrared Touch Panel

Product Characteristics

  1. High responsivity enabling smooth drawing without discomfort
  2. Multi-touch support
  3. High reliability and a long service life
  4. Support for different methods of use, including gloved hands and wet hands
  5. Positional detection with both high precision and high resolution
  6. Mountable onto existing display monitors
  7. Easy to produce larger panels (up to 300 inches)

Product Configuration

Product Configuration

Outline of Operation Principles

This touch panel takes advantage of the characteristics of the infrared image sensor unit (hereinafter “the unit”), which is composed of the CMOS image sensor and the infrared emitter, as well as those of the special sheet that reflects the infrared rays emitted from the unit in the same direction as the angle of incidence.
The CMOS image sensor detects the touch of a finger or a pointer to calculate the touch position via the manner of triangulation.


Product Specifications

Storage Temperature-20℃~55℃
Operating Temperature5℃~45℃
Humidity (upper limit)80% (no condensation)
Supported Sizes15 to 300 inches